1. sakib · March 4, 2007

    feel happy to see ur comments in my blog. And i see this link but i can’t undertand what’s my risk? would you please descibe it….


    all the best…inshallah i’ll revie your blog site as soon as possible…

  2. foisal · March 5, 2007

    Well, matt already explained

    ok someone hacked one of the wordpress server and modified WP 2.1.1 version oreginal code and included some exploitable code. It can be dengerious if someone use WP 2.1.1 version for their production site or blog. that site can be hacked!
    Its like some one hacked your pc ,installed hacking program,now they can access and destroy ur pc remotely

    matt also mentioned that hacker included some code that would allow for remote php execution.
    Hasin vi( http://hasin.wordpress.com )

    may can tell u better about remote php execution.
    And if u wanna know more detail about this then mail to- 21securityfaq@wordpress.org

  3. sakib · March 5, 2007

    o my god…

    i have no knowledge about it. Thanks to share with us about this importent aticles. Now, i understood.

    But, few days ago i think that, if i busy a website and then use wordpress service but it has some problem. Maybe they fixed their problem. Now, we have no risk.

    Any ways…. hacker can hacked my blog site http://sakib.wordpress.com ???
    Any how???
    Foisal Bhai,

  4. foisal · March 5, 2007

    No their is no risk if u r using wordpress.com service

    u just registered at wordpress.com like blogger.com and created ur blog but the oreginal wordpress application available for download at wordpress.org

    hacker modified 2.1.1 version of that application but wp guys removed that version from server. So nobody need to warry about this anymore.

  5. Md. Sakib Al Mahmud · March 11, 2007

    Many Many Thankx.

    But dear where are you? Maybe you are too much busy? what are you doing now sir? 😛

  6. Darklord · March 11, 2007

    I am writing a article , soon it will be posted here

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